Armenian Time

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey Mom,

Thanks for the letter, it sounds like you had a great week. How did Bryce send you salmon? We actually had salmon this week too. Elder Thylin is from Sweden, so of course he loves fish. In their schools, you can't pass a grade if you don't pass your swimming class. I guess a lot of them end up working on boats for at least some of their lives.

This week was pretty slow for work with our investigators, so we started focusing on some of the members again. There were a few houses we wanted to get into, so we decided to cook a bunch of cookies and drop them off. It was really nice, and we were invited into all of their houses. We have a few part member families in our area that we would like to work with. I feel like both families are necessary for the gospel, and the Gospel is necessary for families. I know the support that our families give makes a huge difference.

It got cold pretty fast. We're thinking about wearing coats already if it stays this cold. What's it like there?

Today we went to the zoo, which was fun. I love animals and nature so much. I miss camping. At the zoo I got to hold a snake, which was pretty neat. Animals are so beautiful and can be quite powerful.

I realized my chess skills are getting pretty good. I'll have to play Ionut again when we get back. Elder Thylin and I have been playing that lately on our down time.

Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright

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