Armenian Time

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Elder Carlson is going this week already. It went fast. I learned a lot with him. He's a great man. We've had great lessons together as well. We meet with seven people on our full days, which is great. There's still crazy gossip problems here, that I don't think will go for a long time, but I feel like things will and are improving. I love the people, especially sister Ofik and her family. She loves the missionaries so much and always says funny things that sound obsurd in English like, "I'll die for your body" or for your "spirit," and "my precious!" She's a great woman and a good example. She's the R. S. President. We're trying to teach her daughter in law, but her son is pretty inactive and is stubborn. Great people though. We are trying really hard to help the branch focus on each other's good sides and not the bad. I hope we can help them change that.

President Carter knows I was supposed to be sent here. He even said why during our zone conference. He said I am a peacemaker. I admire his faith. He won't do anything unless he knows for sure that it's the Lord's will. I hope to be able to strengthen my spiritual sensitivity. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost.

I have to go, but I love you. Have a great week.

Much love,

Elder Bruce Wainwright

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