Armenian Time

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

I liked what you learned from your lessons, Mom. I just started reading Jesus the Christ again during our lunches (I only ever got a few chapters into it). It's amazing how much James E. Talmage knows. Hopefully it will help me better relate to the scriptures and better understand Christ's teachings. I already feel like I can relate a lot better to the scriptures, especially the New Testament, from being a missionary. We're basically continuing the same work that they started. Our Zone Conference this week was all about the Book of Mormon and how we can use it more and better. I feel like that was something we needed to focus on and I'm excited to see the results. I personally want to strengthen my own testimony of the book, its importance, and its reality.

I've been a little sick this week, so we didn't have a ton of meetings, but there was still some good things that happened. Gevorg, our investigator quit smoking. On Sunday, he said he had quit for four days and was pretty excited. I could see a difference in him and in the light in his eyes. If he can keep reading and praying, I think he'll be ready for baptism. We also met with Kristine again. She still hasn't set a date to be baptized, but she seems to be doing well. We felt like we might be able to do a better job at helping her resolve her concerns.

Not much else happened. We might be moving apartments soon, so it's closer to our area. The one we want is pretty nice inside. Oh this Sunday was really nice. The deaf man, who just got baptized, gave a talk in sacrament with his family and it was really spiritual. I think that's one of the first times that big of a family has spoken like that. We also have an open house at the church this weekend, which should go well. I like this branch a lot, and my respect for the Branch President is always growing.

I miss you all and hope that everything is good and well. Happy Saint Patrick's Day this week.

With much love,
Elder Bruce Wainwright

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


3-7-11 Dear Mom,
I don't need better boots. I have yak traks that you put on the bottom, but it's just not worth it always. The snow has kept on coming, but it melts pretty fast and should all be gone soon anyway. I've enjoyed it though. Sounds like Bryce will still have some opportunity to enjoy the cold as well.

I can't wait to get back and be able to go hiking with everyone. Dad has really taught us how to have good fun together. I was thinking about families lately. Armenians are interesting to me because families are very important to them, but they don't seem to be able to know how to show their love towards each other. Teaching with love seems like such an important principle in successful families. I think the teaching in families is decreasing. Maybe that's why they had the talk about courageous parents in the last conference.

Gevorg has a date for the 19th of March, but we'll probably change it at least one week back. Kristine didn't come to church, but I think she'll figure things out. This week I went to Gyumri for exchanges with the District leader. It was nice to be able to see some of the changes that have happened in the last year and to see Sako again and some other wonderful people. Sako is married and his wife and mother have been baptized. He's the one Elder King and I taught. He seemed to have grown a lot, but he's going to Russia for a year or so to work alone. I hope it's not too hard on him. He said he'll still be sending tithing home and studying. He's a good guy. The Elders there needed a boost and I feel like it helped them.

I'm sorry this isn't as long of a letter. My stomach is really rumbly today, so maybe that has something to do with it. It was a good week, though, and I'm excited for next week. The time is flying so fast for me. I feel like I am becoming a better missionary all the time, and hopefully a better person too. I love you all so much. It's so comforting to not even have to doubt wether or not you love me. Take care.
Elder Bruce Wainwright