Armenian Time

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey Mom,

This is my new account:

Thank you for your nice letters. Don't feel bad about last week. I did miss it though. I'm glad you got to go see Kyle's report. I can't believe he's back already. I meant to write him more, but never got to it. I guess you guys are the most important that I write to, though. I wish I could have been there. From the little I've heard I can see how much he has changed and learned from his service. I know I also will not be the same after this, and am excited to continue to grow and learn. That's so cool, those stories about his priesthood blessings. I know that it is a sacred blessing for me to be able to hold God's Priesthood, and I hope that I always treat it with respect.

I'm really sorry, but I actually have to go soon. We had some problems with our house this morning and got a late start. Water is slowly leaking into the store below us and we have tried a couple of times to figure out where it's coming from, but still haven't figured it out. I've already learned a lot of practical things from my mission, besides the spiritual things, which will be useful as well for the future:)

I've noticed lately that my heart is becoming more involved in the work. I am constantly thinking of the people we are teaching and trying to think of how I can help them. I really want to become the servant and son that God wants me to be, and I hope I can make the best out of the time Heavenly Father gives me.

Thanks for updating me on the house and things. I'm praying for you, and I know you can trust God. I don't know of anyone here that doesn't have financial difficulties.

I love you mom and hope that you can feel that love. I know that God loves me, and I am trying to show my gratitude and love to Him.

Your son Elder Wainwright
Hey Dad,

Our multitude meeting went about how I expected. There was about six middle aged guys who showed us this apartment they have that we might be able to use if we start a group up there. A couple of them seemed interested, though, which is pretty cool. We'll see if anything happens. Floriano sounds pretty cool. We've got some cool people like that here, that do some amazing work.

I hope everything goes well this week. I really ran out of time this week. I'm grateful for all you and Mom do, and am grateful for all of your love. I love the Savior and am grateful for the life I have been given. I hope I can continue to overcome my imperfections and become a happier better me. I love you Dad.

Elder Wainwright

Monday, February 15, 2010



I missed getting a letter from you this week. I hope everything's going alright. I'm sure you have been very busy and exhausted lately. How are things?

Everything's good with me. We've been working hard this week and gave some of our investigators baptismal dates, which was nice. Suren, the guy I talked about in Mark's letter, is doing great. He's already decided he needs to quite smoking and is starting. One of the things that impresses me about him is that he knows the difference between worshipping God only through our words and worshipping through our hearts. We can draw near to God on the outside and do crosses and go to church, but still have pride and other sins in our hearts and not really love God, which is the first and great commandment.

I don't know if I told you about Narine and her sister-in-law that we are teaching, but they are doing good too, except they got sick and weren't able to come to church. We're going to give them a priesthood blessing today. I've given so many people blessings already, and seen some neat miracles. I'm honored to be able to hold the Priesthood power of God, and I know that we really do have God's authority in our church. Elder Richard G. Scott is coming to Armenia in June, I probably said that, but I am way excited. It will be such a blessing to hear the words of humble Elder Scott who is called to bring the gospel to the world. I also can't wait for the next general conference. I guess I should probably keep learning more from our last conference, though. I was reading from Elder Holland's talk on Safety for the Soul this morning. I know that if I stop progressing, I will be digressing, and that is how the elect will be deceived. I really believe that we can learn from every experience we have in this life, and if we are willing to listen God is always talking to us.

I'm excited to go back to Artik and see how many people we can meet with. The work is not going super fast out there, but I feel like it has some good potential. We also might have a huge group meeting according to a guy we talked to on the street. We'll see. It was pretty sad, though, Armine who is the member that lives out there sort of had a melt down the other day. She has had it pretty rough, and she is having a hard time being able to come to church. She does so much good, I know she will be blessed if she just hangs in.

Hey, I wanted to thank you for the chocolate chips, peanut butter, hot chocolate and things. We have been having a ton of delicious pancakes lately with chocolate chips. One bag is almost used, and I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies with the other one. I think the peanut butter is so wonderful just because it's simple and just feels good for the body. Our diet is pretty different here. I'm trying to sneak in more vegetables into our meals. Elder Larson doesn't really like vegetables, which is so hard for me to understand. We eat tons of bread, though, eggs, chicken, and baked goods. I love their lavash լավաշ (wow, I just figured out how to type in Armenian!) which is like a tortilla, but huge and fresh and good, and their cowbob քյաբաբ (like a ground beef shishkabob) and sharma շարմա (a delicious wrap with fried pork, potatoes, and veges). Ես կկարոտեմ հայկական սնունդը: I'll miss armenian food.

Alright, well let me know how you are doing. I love you all and miss you. Have a great week and don't be too stressed.

Մեծ սիրով,

Երեց Վեյնռայթ

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,
Thanks for your letters. It was actually lucky I saw it because it was sent to my gmail account. I'm guessing that was an accident. It was a way good week. My fast went well, splits were good, and the Church we went to was way cool.

I know God will answer our prayers. This week Sako was also in some big trouble with his debts and actually had some things taken so he'd pay it. We committed him to fast and promised him God would help him overcome this challenge, whether he needs to go to Russia to work or some other means. He said how fasting had helped others he was fasting for, but never himself. At the end of fast Sunday, however, he called and excitedly explained how the church he had worked for in Russia had sent him money that covered half the debt. It was a miracle. He doesn't want to test God, but we joked that he just needs to fast one more time. I really marvel at his faith and knowledge and I was so grateful to see that blessing.

One of our investigators, Narine, finally came to church yesterday and we started teaching her sister-in-law that came to stay with her. That was a miracle as well. They're both awesome women and are accepting our message very well.

Yesterday we also had our first "test run" sacrament meeting at night. About five less actives and non-members came, which was wonderful, and the Spirit was very strong. The awesome thing is that Yervand's mom, our amazing blind member' mother, was able to come and can finally get baptized even though she's already read the Book of Mormon 3 or 4 times as well as Preach My Gospel. I'm way excited for them. I think the meeting will be a big blessing for this branch.

Then, to top of the day something else neat happened. We got home about ten minutes early and knew we hadn't talked to anyone on the streets the whole day. As we were walking up the stairs, I again thought we should go out and talk to someone, even if it was just the group of kids smoking on the corner. So we went, and it actually turned out really good. Elder Larson distracted most of them while I talked about serious things with the kid that was actually interested. He invited us over, so we'll have to go try and find his house. I felt so blessed for listening to the Holy Ghost. I hope I can always be ready and willing to follow the guidance of Heavenly Father.

I went on splits this week with our Zone Leader, Elder Stephenson, in Vanadzor. He's a very obedient missionary, very humble, and pretty bold with his teaching, so it went really well and I learned a lot. It seems easier to talk about the gospel with people on the streets now. I really learned a lot from the splits and it was really fun. Vanadzor is about the size of Gyumri or St. George and I like the people there as well. They have a good branch too and the Blunks are way cool. They did come here, but I didn't mention anything about the McDermitts. They're not related are they? It was good, though, except for one kid who is really bad and can not listen. He also kind of beats his mother and grandma. I hope he ends up alright, I know there's still good in him.

One cool thing I learned from Preach My Gospel this week was about patience. Patience was defined as the ability to accept God's will in His time, not ours. I really like that definition. It reminds me of a miracle that my MTC Branch President told me about. In order to really have patience, I think we actually have to have faith and trust God that He will do what's best in the time that is best. We can't have faith without having to believe or trust in something that we can't see. Anyway, so you shouldn't have to fear waiting for a while. Faith overcomes all fear.

The church we went to was a reddish color and was way pretty. I don't think anyone goes there, but there was some cool ruins left over around it. There was also a very pretty frozen river and small waterfall closeby. It was way fun. Sister Fisher is leaving and my Sister from the MTC is coming up this week, so we'll have some changes this week. We've got a good district (us four and the senior couple).

Thanks for telling me about everyone's testimonies, Dad. I'll have to read that chapter in Alma.

Mom, when did you hurt your knee? I never heard. And I feel your pain with the crutches, they really are no fun. I liked all the things you learned about Noah this week. It's way cool to try and find some of the "hidden treasures" in the scriptures. I know that the scriptures contain all the guidance we need in this life, and I am so grateful for prophets who keep us on the right track and who are worthy leaders. I love this country and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve these people and bring them some of the happiness and peace I've experienced because of my Savior. Without Him, I am nothing.
Much love,

Your son Elder Wainwright

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mets sirov


Sireli Mayr,

Thanks for the letter and updates. I will for sure pray for Crystal and you guys. I'm sure Heavenly Father will help you know though. I know he leads me every single day as long as I listen. We have had too many coincidences and opportunities to help people to think otherwise. I know that he also lets us choose and learn a lot as well. I can always tell when I've made a bad choice, though. I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We had one of those experiences this week. We were doing one of our finding hours and found this awesome street, actually I probably already told you about that. At the end of the street we got invited in to talk with some construction workers. Well, one of them was pretty drunk and was telling us how the Book of Mormon wasn't true, but he wanted to meet and find the truth together. He, Bagrat, didn't show up when he said, but we went back to meet with some of the other workers. When we got there, the others weren't there, but Bagrat was. He said he had been randomely called in. He wasn't drunk, was alone, and we had an awesome lesson with him. He almost started crying and really said he wanted to stop drinking and live a good life. I think he's divorced too. We're way excited to help him.

We heard some sad news. Apparently two missionaries died in Romania from a gas leak. We all had to double check our two alarms that we have. I guess one was from Highland and one from Logandale. That's gotta be pretty hard. I hope that doesn't make you worry too much. We're being careful.

I had a pretty embarrassing moment this week. We were leaving Siranush's house yesterday and all of a sudden my foot fell out from under me. Apparently I stepped on a man whole that wasn't on correctly and my right leg fell completely into the whole while my left leg was doing something else. I tried to pull myself out, but couldn't because the lid was holding my leg in, so when Elder Larson and Siranush tried pulling me out I had to explain that it wasn't helping. I'm all good though, besides an injured pride and a sore left cheek. I learned that I need to avoid stepping on dangerous grounds. It's best to not even have an opportunity to fall down a man hole.

Some other good news is that Sister Fisher's older brother made it into the olympics! That's so crazy, she's pretty excited. I think he's doing the downhill race.

It's been a good week. I love President Uchtdorf's talk from conference on the love of God. I just read through it and it makes so much sense. I know that if I don't try and express my love for God and have charity for others, that my works are for nothing as it says in Moroni 6. I love these people and am so grateful to be able to help them in a little way. I'm also grateful for my life and for all that I've been able to experience. I hope I can use my experiences for my benefit and learning and continue to do so throughout my life. Thanks for keeping me in touch with your lives Mom, Dad, and everyone. Hope you have a good week.

Mets sirov (with much love),

Elder Bruce Wainwright