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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mets sirov


Sireli Mayr,

Thanks for the letter and updates. I will for sure pray for Crystal and you guys. I'm sure Heavenly Father will help you know though. I know he leads me every single day as long as I listen. We have had too many coincidences and opportunities to help people to think otherwise. I know that he also lets us choose and learn a lot as well. I can always tell when I've made a bad choice, though. I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We had one of those experiences this week. We were doing one of our finding hours and found this awesome street, actually I probably already told you about that. At the end of the street we got invited in to talk with some construction workers. Well, one of them was pretty drunk and was telling us how the Book of Mormon wasn't true, but he wanted to meet and find the truth together. He, Bagrat, didn't show up when he said, but we went back to meet with some of the other workers. When we got there, the others weren't there, but Bagrat was. He said he had been randomely called in. He wasn't drunk, was alone, and we had an awesome lesson with him. He almost started crying and really said he wanted to stop drinking and live a good life. I think he's divorced too. We're way excited to help him.

We heard some sad news. Apparently two missionaries died in Romania from a gas leak. We all had to double check our two alarms that we have. I guess one was from Highland and one from Logandale. That's gotta be pretty hard. I hope that doesn't make you worry too much. We're being careful.

I had a pretty embarrassing moment this week. We were leaving Siranush's house yesterday and all of a sudden my foot fell out from under me. Apparently I stepped on a man whole that wasn't on correctly and my right leg fell completely into the whole while my left leg was doing something else. I tried to pull myself out, but couldn't because the lid was holding my leg in, so when Elder Larson and Siranush tried pulling me out I had to explain that it wasn't helping. I'm all good though, besides an injured pride and a sore left cheek. I learned that I need to avoid stepping on dangerous grounds. It's best to not even have an opportunity to fall down a man hole.

Some other good news is that Sister Fisher's older brother made it into the olympics! That's so crazy, she's pretty excited. I think he's doing the downhill race.

It's been a good week. I love President Uchtdorf's talk from conference on the love of God. I just read through it and it makes so much sense. I know that if I don't try and express my love for God and have charity for others, that my works are for nothing as it says in Moroni 6. I love these people and am so grateful to be able to help them in a little way. I'm also grateful for my life and for all that I've been able to experience. I hope I can use my experiences for my benefit and learning and continue to do so throughout my life. Thanks for keeping me in touch with your lives Mom, Dad, and everyone. Hope you have a good week.

Mets sirov (with much love),

Elder Bruce Wainwright

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