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Monday, January 25, 2010

6 Months

Thanks for the nice letters.
I told Brandon about a film they made here, you should see if you can find it, it seemed like it'd be pretty good. A family here said it was pretty sad, though. It's called "Tango of our Children," or Mer Mankutsian Tango in Armenian.

We've gone through a lot of investigators recently. I think it's good though. We just don't have anyone we are teaching who are really ready for baptism yet. Yesterday, we decided to do a finding hour and walked down some cool streets and through a nice little park before we again got invited into someone's house. It was actually some workers, but it was really nice. They want us to come back again. So far we have been so successful with those little finding hours, that being our fourth time invited into someones house who was at least a little interested. Elder Larson said that has only happened two other times in the whole 8 months he's been here. We are doing way good together and have already built a good relationship. I think we're working harder, but I feel more relaxed. I really love this work and hope I can keep becoming a better person and follower of Christ.

I hope your Old Testemant class goes well. It sounded like you had a really good first lesson. It is really hard to find the precious doctrines in the old testemant because things were so different, but I'm excited to hear what you get out of it. I'm trying to get through the Book of Mormon right now. I'm in Alma 9 I think. I love the Book of Mormon so much, the doctorines and testimonies are so powerful and clear.

That's too bad about Gloria. (That was the boys piano teacher) She was such a wonderful lady. I'm so grateful for all I learned from her and for all of our piano recitals. I love good music so much. It has such a powerful effect. I'm so glad I have been able to learn the piano and violin. I for sure don't want to lose those talents.

Tell Gary and Sheila, I'll keep them in my prayers. I hope they can overcome their challenges. A cool quote that I read from a mission president's talk called "The Fourth Missionary" is that the single purpose of every challenge or opposition that we face is to give us an opportunity to apply the teachings of Christ in our life, or in other words His gospel. I know that's true and that every decision we make in this life is important and can be for our good if we allow it to be.

Thanks for everything Mom. I love you. I hope your work and everything continues to go well. I really like it here. I love my mission already. I can't believe I've already been out for six months since the 22nd. I practically missed it. It's been some pretty good six months though. I wouldn't trade it. Miss you. Have a good week.



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