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Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy Week

Hi Mom,

I'm doing fine, just so you know. I have been thinking about you too, though, it seems like it's getting harder to stay in touch. I just feel pretty far away.

I love Elder Larson, though. We are doing way good together, and my faith is growing. He's a good missionary and really wants to do good work. So we are working hard, and I'm glad. Our last week has been sort of crazy though, let me tell you about it.

The cellebrations weren't as big and bad as I thought, but it did detract from our work. Practically no one works for a week up to two weeks. The bad thing, though, was everything that we forgot. First of all, our gas was off because of our mistake with the bills, which was crazy ( and a little cold). Then, I forgot my keys at another Elders' apartment, we lost our phone or got it stolen, I forgot to leave the door unlocked for the maid leaving our clothes dirty, and we forgot to turn on the bak twice for our shower! It was a crazy week, but we made it through.

These last couple days have been real nice, though. We have really tried to get a lot of gospel conversations - as we call them - on the streets while focusing on bearing our testimonies. It has really helped improve both the conversations we have on the streets and the lessons we're giving.

Two days ago, we were talking to three old guys and they invited us into their home. So far, I have had really good experiences with those, and this one was really nice too. The man and his wife that live there are pentacostals, but he really wanted us to come back. The wife was a little intense and defensive, but it could be really nice. Then, the same thing happened last night. We were talking to some people on a marshutni and a guy invited us to his house. It was way nice, and his family is nice too. It's sad, though, his son has a huge tumor, I guess, on the side of his head that they were wanting us to somehow help with. We can't do anything for that, but I know the gospel would do so much good for them. I'm excited to go back.

Sako wanted me to say hi to you all. He just got the priesthood, I'm really happy for him. He's going through some hard times, though, I hope he can make it. Good man.

Right now I'm preparing a talk on obedience for our zone conf. next week, which is going well. I've also felt really good about my language this week, and I'm trying to work hard. It's hard to memorize ten words a day, but I can try harder. I actually had a funny experience listening to a song. I thought for a second "why is this armenian song in english?" when it really wasn't. I thought that was pretty cool. I've been so blessed with the ability to communicate and learn through the gift of toungues, and I know that at least some of that has come from my father's blessing from dad before I left.

I'm so grateful for the peace and healing I have felt through the atonement of Christ and living His gospel.

Thanks for telling me about Sam's call, that's so awesome! I hope he writes me soon. Tell Josh congratulations too, I'm so excited for both of them. This mission is really such a blessing to me. On page V in PMG, the first presidency says how there is more happiness felt in this work than we have ever felt before. I have already begun to experience that, and I know that the most joy and happiness comes from trying to make others happy. Christ did all that he did because of His unsellfishness and willingness to give up His will for the Father's will. Love for others is such a powerful motivating force, just like Harry Potter's mother:)

Well, I love you Mom. Have a great week. Thanks for your care, love, and prayers. Talk to you next week.

Elder Wainwright

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  1. I have enjoyed following the twins' blogs and sharing some of their experiences with our son, Mitch, who is in the Brazil Manaus Mission. His blog is at if you would like to check in on him and let your elders know he is loving life in the Amazon. We love all our missionaries!