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Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey Mom,

I uploaded some pictures onto your picasa thing. It takes a little while, but that should work good. I hope you like them.

I've had a pretty good week. Elder Larson and I are still working hard and doing good. We've been invited into people's houses as we walk by or talk to them and it's been pretty good. So far we haven't been able to teach those people a lot, but they usually invite us back. These people are so hospitable. They have a thing called Hyurasirution which being interpretted literally means "guest love." They think it's shameful if they don't give you some coffee, sweets, food, or something. They're funny.

We've been going out to a nearby city lately too, and I think it's possible we could start a group out there sometime. That'd be so neat.

It's still very slushy even though it's snowed a couple times. I got a new coat, though, that's even warmer than my other one. It's brown, has a furry inside, and goes to my knees.

I'm way excited for our zone conference tomorrow. We're going to have six of the crazy elders from Georgia sleeping at our house tonight and the next, so that'll be fun.

You should tell Brandon to try posting the pictures and videos on his blog so I can see them. He can use youtube straight onto his blog I think.

I have enjoyed teaching people and sharing my testimony this week. I feel pretty comfortable here. Gyumri is a good city. I hope I can continue to make these people's lives a little bit happier, and help them find their purpose in this gift of a life.

Have a nice week Mom. Tell Dad not to have too much fun and to watch out for those wooden nickels.

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