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Monday, November 8, 2010


I enjoyed this week, even if the work was a little slower than normal. I think God was trying to help me remember how blessed I am and how important this life and mission is for me. I was reading from the book Our Search for Happiness and Elder Ballard quoted the scripture in Matt 6:18-21 (I believe) that says not to treasure up things of the world, but things in heaven that will last. Then, it says "where your treasure is, there will your heart be." That led me to remember how many treasures I have in this life and that I need better treasure them up and care about them. I feel like it has been a little hard for me to bear a strong testimony to these people about the Gospel, lately, because I can forget how precious it really is. I know that without Jesus Christ and this Gospel, I am nothing and all that I do will bring me no good. However, through Christ all things will come together for my good. All the happiness and peace in my life comes because of a man who loves me more than I will ever deserve, even Jesus Christ. He loves me, which helps me want to love Him and my fellow man. I was grateful for this nice reminder and am so grateful for God's persistence in trying to help me.

None of our investigators made it to church yesterday, which was sad. We still fill like they're able to progress, however. We need help from Heavenly Father. Gayane, a less active we visited, did come, however, and was warmly welcomed. Bryce asked how the members are with missionary work, and that's hard to know, but I feel like they do pretty well. They still are new themselves and have things to learn, but for the most part they are excited to be able to share with friends they care about. It is hard because of persecution from the Armenian church, but they still do pretty good. Armenians, in many ways, are very selfless and I admire that. It does seem hard for them to share with their family members, especially wives with husbands.
Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright

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