Armenian Time

Monday, November 15, 2010


Dear Mom,
To answer some of your questions, persecution has kind of been put into many Armenians. Armenians are very proud of their church since that's about all they have. The government doesn't like us too much, so they put up signs saying "One Nation," and then talk about how the Jehovah's Witnesses, us, and others are breaking down the country and families. Many people are either afraid of us, or just don't like us, at least by name. The one's who believe those things are usually not the ones that we want to teach, but a lot of people are afraid of what others will think. Armenians are talkers and everyone knows each others stories. That's probably why a lot of husbands don't let wives come to church as well. Fear of man. It's pretty sad.

So, I had some major changes happen this week, and I'm so excited. I got transferred to Alaverdi, the furthest north branch and the newest (2 or 3 years). I also got sent to serve with Elder Carlson for the last three weeks of his mission, which will be amazing. He was our assistant before he trained for the second time. He is a great man and an amazing missionary. I was wondering if I would ever be able to serve with him, and I feel blessed to be able to. He'll help me be a great servant and tool for the Lord. He's also excited to be able to serve with me too, which is nice. The branch is a little crazy. There's quite a bit of pride and contention, which sadly puts a bad name on the church pretty fast in a small place like this. We live in a canyon in a village called Sarahart (being interpreted it means flat mountain, like a bluff). Alaverdi is at the bottom of the valley and is slightly bigger. We usually ride a lift thing to get between the two. It's going to be hard work, but I'm excited to try and help. I feel silly for thinking our last branch was in a bad condition. We have some good people we're teaching, most of them are relatives of the members. We're working hard together, and it feels so good. It's going to be an adventure. I will also become the district leader and be training when Elder Carlson leaves, which I don't really want to think about too much. I'm excited for it, though. This will be a good place to train.

Sunday was a little sad. The members are new and know that the branch is perfect, but it's as if they can all see the slivers in their neighbors eyes and forget to pull out the mote that is in their own. I don't mean to sound negative, because there are some great people, but they need to humble themselves before they can really help each other. Every principle of the Gospel is so necessary. I hope they can learn. Elder Carlson said he has already seen improvement. He and I have an easy time teaching together. I feel like our desires are very similar. I'm sad we'll only be together for three weeks, but it'll be great. He doesn't want to go.

Well, I'm pretty happy right now. I love you.

Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright

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