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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dear Mom,

Thank you for the nice letter. I really appreciate it. It's so nice to know I have a family out somewhere who loves and cares so much for me. I can really see how that is a need of all mankind. Without love and respect for others, there is no reason to be good, or try hard, and as you said, the gospel is the source of all hope. I agree with that. I am quite blessed in many ways.
This week has been pretty normal. We didn't have as many meetings as usual, but I think everything is still good with our investigators. Hasmik said she wants to make it to church from now on, even though she works. We need to get her some friends in the branch to support her. I'm not sure what will happen with Artur, however. He didn't want to set a specific time to meet, so I told him to call us when he's ready. I hope he doesn't give up. Yasha left. I'll have to keep in touch with him.

I love Elder Thylin and am grateful to be able to serve with him. I am learning a lot while with him. We have a good companionship. We roasted some peanuts and are going to make some home made peanut butter this week. I hope it works well. We watched Johny Lingo with some of the youth for an activity this week, and that was fun. We also started meeting with a less active man, Karen, who was active and already seems to be doing better. Good family. Struggle financially though, as do many people here.
So why do Sara and Julia like to cut their hair so much? They're funny. I hope you have a nice break. You deserve it. I love you. Thanks Mom, and Dad, for all you do and for supporting me in all my dreams and desires throughout my life. I really appreciate it.

Much love,
Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright

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