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Monday, June 6, 2011


Elder Smith and I had a pretty good week. We didn't get done all that we wanted to. A lot of our plans didn't work out how we wanted them to. It's hard for us to teach in unity right now if we aren't able to specifically plan up for our meetings, since Elder Smith is still so new. Maybe I just need to stop talking. It's hard. Especially because I'm not sure if our investigators are progressing or not right now. We might have to leave them and continue finding people who are ready to act. Samvel came to church and sat next to his member friend, but he doesn't like to read by himself, so he can't really get a testimony.

Sister Hallowell's grandfather passed away this week. That was hard since she leaves in less than a month. If I remember right, Grandpa passed away right after Crystal got back. The sisters are always such amazing missionaries.

We started teaching some interesting people this week. Their names are Vartan and Berta. I like them a lot, but I don't think we're going to be able to meet with them very much. They have some confusing ideas, and don't seem very open minded, even though the seem to be looking for truth. They kind of feel like all churches have the truth. It was also sad that Berta (female) said she felt like church was weak or a thing for children. We get what we want I guess. Vartan is a little different, but is a talented man. He played us some songs on the piano and sang and I really liked it.

We've been checking up on everyone on the branch list that aren't coming this week, and I think we had one success. We met with a lady named Ofik. She had gotten offended from someone and that's why she hadn't come for so long. It's sad that the actions of one person, whether or not they are right, can make someone decide to seperate themselves from God and lose their blessings. I hope she can forgive and come back. She would be losing so many blessings. Staying on the right path is so worth it, but seems so hard.

Anyway, that was the week. We're going to work a lot through the members this week. We're actually going to plan a fireside where we can teach the members what their role is in the work. Then there will be another fireside they can invite friends and family to. Elder Lowe and I are going to go up to Alaverdi this week also, to encourage them to come to church. That'll be nice. I hope all is well. Thanks for the BYU email, I'll have to sign up for classes next monday. Love you all so much.

Love, Elder Bruce Wainwright

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