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Monday, June 13, 2011


This week went well. We didn't find any new investigators for the second week, now, which is not good. We tried to meet with a nice kid who speaks english and invited us to help him with an English club. He has lived in America for two years and seems like a good kid. He said he'd be interested to learn about our church and our purpose here, so we're trying to meet up with him, even though it hasn't worked out so far. We're also trying to work with two part member families which would be so wonderful if they worked out.

Elder Smith is doing great. His understanding and speaking abilities are improving, which will make life a lot easier for him. He wants to be able to teach people the gospel so bad. I hope we can find some good people to work with.

Elder Lowe and I went up to Alaverdi this week with the Branch President and Relief Society President. It was really good that they came with us. It felt like the absence of missionaries and the distance to the church was already starting to have an effect upon the members there. This will be a test of their faith for sure, because of the distance they have to travel to come to church and the cost. Elder Lowe and I love the people there so much.

It has been raining here like crazy. There have been about three days with no rain. We're surrounded by mountains, so it will be sunny one moment and pouring rain another. I heard Utah has a ton of snow that is going to start melting soon. Hopefully there's not too many floods and such.

Well I love you Mom and Dad. I love this work and can't believe how little time I have left. I hope I can continue to learn much in the next 6 weeks while helping as many people as I can.

Love you.
Elder Bruce Wainwright

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