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Monday, August 30, 2010



First I'll answer your questions. I always forget to plan for preparation day, so we usually do what someone else is doing. Last week we went and saw Edgmiatsin which is like Armenia's religious center, even though I'm not sure why. Visiting historic or religious sites are my favorite activities. It helps me understand them a little better. We also got to see a baptism, which was quite interesting. They speak in old Armenian when they are doing their services, which Armenians can't even understand. Elder King is actually studying that old Armenian and has a Bible of it. The week before that we helped Elder King and Lusk move. Sometimes we just hang out with missionaries in the mission office and watch a movie, or sometimes we also play sports like basketball, bowling, or tennis. There are still a lot of places I would like to visit, though, so I should do more of that. I'll think about things for Christmas. Something I can think would be useful is baking powder and a little bit of vanilla flavoring. Unless I can find their vanilla here. And if you send something, you should always remember pictures and letters:)

That's cool that there's a foreign exchange student with Janice. Haikuhii is definitely an Armenian name. Her city is probably pretty small. The closest branch we have to her is probably Ashtarak (about 20 min north of Yerevan), then Gyumri. You should tell her "barev" for me. How long will she be there?

Do you remember Yervand, the amazing blind member who lives in Gyumri? Well, I heard his mother just got baptized last week. She wanted Elder King and I to come, but we couldn't make it of course. That's so wonderful. She's a great women and in some ways reminds me of you, Mom. This week we were also able to give Alik, the member's husband, a baptismal date. I think he just needed a reason to get baptized, and when he came to the Branch Activity at Sevan, he realized what he was missing with his family. He's a smart guy, and very polite. We also started meeting with an amazing Persian man, Yasha, and his Armenian wife, Araks. They're newlyweds and both have great personalities. I think Yasha already practically accepts Christianity, and I feel like we might be able to help him. He already calls us his friends. I have some other friends, too, that we're meeting with that I hope I can learn from as well as help them. I've been thinking about being a good friend, lately, and that is really one of my great goals. God and Christ are my best friends that I can always trust and always turn too. I also want to become that sort of friend. Someone who everyone feels comfortable being with, and wants to be a better person because of that friend.

Tell Aaron congratulations. I am happy for him. Give Genevieve a hug for me. Have a good week.

Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright

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