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Monday, June 28, 2010

Combined letters to us and Bryce

Hey Bryce,

Good luck with your transfers. Elder Grigoryan is a great guy. He has funny opinions and tries not to be Armenian, but I like him a lot and we work well together. I actually heard he might be leaving soon and I might have another mini. We'll see. I don't really worry too much because things change all the time here. It was hard to get good meetings planned up and things since our area was split up and our investigators haven't been able to meet lately. Do you meet with members a lot? We try not to spend too much time with them, but it seems like at least right now that's a big bulk of our meetings. One of the hardest things about being senior companion is not forgetting everything. I forget everything. I need to write things down better, but even that doesn't always help. I can see how organization is a godly trait and how it helps us accomplish more in our life. Things are going well. Actually, I have to tell you a funny story. We were playing frisbee at a park for an activity/finding hour with a heavy not-so-good frisbee. I wasn't paying attention and it smacked my eye and cut my eyebrow a little. It wasn't bad, but I still went to get two stitches put in so that it would heal good. Then I got a phone call to day from the police and they came over to fill out a report. I guess I might not have made it clear it was an accident or something so they might have thought someone tried to hurt me. It was only a little awkward, but I feel bad for Satenik, the young girl who threw it, because she has to go in and fill out a report too. She felt bad enough in the first place. Anyway, funny experience. Keep being such a great guy, Bryce. I like your pictures. Alaska looks pretty. Talk to you later.
Hey Mom,

The Busselburgs sound like good people. I don't think I know them. Tell them hi for me, though. I hope everything's going well and that it's not too hot. It has been staying pretty nice here. Probably around the nineties. The apricots and tomatoes are ripening too, and they're very good. There's lots of cherries, apricots, strawberries, and watermelon right now and they should get cheap soon, so that will be way nice.

It has been a good week with Elder Grigoryan. He's funny and a very hard worker. He's also been a mini-missionary a lot, so he knows the drill. For some reason he likes South America a lot, especially Argentina. He also likes EFY music a lot as well and plays his favorite songs as soon as we get home. He's a great guy.

It's been a little hard to get in a lot of meetings this week, but not bad. We picked up three new investigators to teach this week as well, which will be nice. One is a lady that sells flowers by the church. I'm sure she has seen us a lot, but she just stopped us one day and wanted to find out about us. She came to church and is already sure she wants to be a member. She said she felt so good and had a nice experience. She's a great woman and I hope we can continue to help her. When she found out the Shulz's are leaving on Tuesday she cried. They live right by her and she said how she will miss seeing them, even if they haven't been able to talk much. Our examples really do make a difference. It's interesting how important relationships are in this life. One of the hardest things in this life is to have that tie be cut off. That is what sin does to us with God. It cuts us off from his presence. The Holy Ghost is so important and is such a wonderful blessing to us. I wonder why friends and good relationships are so important? I would guess that it is because we all need someone to love and someone to love us. Heaven would not be heaven alone. God is love and he loves us. We love him because he first loved us. I hope that I can increase my love for him and for his children. All of the Book of Mormon missionaries are great examples of that love. The sons of Mosiah trembled at the thought of someone receiving the same condemnation that they were under. Nephi (the brother of Lehi) was saddened because of the peoples' bad choices, as was Alma the younger. I also need to have that same kind of care for others, both my friends and my enemies. I know that God loves me, and I have felt that as I have tried to come nearer to him. It has been a good week, and I am interested to see what will happen this week. Elder Grigoryan might leave already, like I said in Bryce's letter.

I cut my eyebrow a little while playing frisbee the other day. The hospital we go to is pretty nice. It seems quite like an American hospital. I would be afraid to go to any other one, though. This one is where all the rich people go I believe. I actually heard that someone rated Armenia's health care as third best in the world or something, but I don't know how. They must have only gone to this one hospital.

Well thanks for everything Mom. I know you love me and care about me. Thanks for your Old Testament insights. I'm still trying to get more familiar with the New Testament right now. It's a great book and there are some great words in there. I'm glad you and Dad get to read some good books together. I want to study from good books so bad right now. We have so many resources for these last days, it's amazing. I know that there is no other time in history that the restoration could have happened. It's so nice to be able to participate in God's marvelous work and wonder. Have a great week, Mom.

Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright

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