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Monday, June 7, 2010


Hi Mom,

Thanks for the nice big letter. Sorry I have to answer it with a short one. We went to visit a monestary or one of their old churches called Geghard and another place called Garni that looks like a greek parthenon or something. It was nice. Elder Jonas had to get a hair cut too, so that he looks spiffy for when Elder Scott comes! So that's why I don't have much time to write. I'm really excited for this week, though. We're trying to plan up a fireside for Thursday as well to help bring the branch together a little and to prepare them for Sunday.

This week felt a little different than normal. For one thing, a lot of our investigators haven't been able to meet very often, so we did a lot of finding hours and calling on the branch list. It's too bad that it hasn't worked out with Mher. I like him so much and I hope we can keep on meeting with him. We fasted with Anahit, Adam's friend who is an english teacher, so that she would be able to work out her problem and find a way to make it to church. She is changing and wants to become a part of this church, before she has even made it to a sacrament meeting. We also gave Hasmik a baptismal date this week, so she should be getting baptized in about a month. She too has changed quite a bit and seems so happy. It seemed like we talked to quite a few people from other faiths this week. Today and earlier this week we talked to some Jehovah's witnesses, and the other day we sat down with some nice kids from an evangelist church called Kianki khosk ( The Word of Life). They were pretty nice conversations, but I don't think they helped either of us very much. It's funny because they seem to want to know what we believe, but as soon as I say something that is different than what they know they become defensive and start trying to prove their point. I know that facts, as good as they might be, will not convert somebody or help them come closer to Christ. It's like how Laman and Lemual saw angels many times, but were never truly converted. They saw proof and miracles that proved God's greatness and existence, but they still did not know who their God and Heavenly Father really was and what he expected of them and how much he really loved them. I am so grateful to know for myself, through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through the confirmations of the Holy Ghost that this church is true. Because of the things I have felt, I know that this church is Christ's church and that He is my Savior. I can't say otherwise. I am learning so many things, and I hope to be able to put God before everything else like you were talking about, Mom. This life is such a wonderful growing experience, and I hope I can make the best use out of it. I also know there are many joys that God has in store for us as well, and that we can't make it alone. We need others and we need to help others. Thanks for your love. I hope you have a great week mom. That'd be so cool to have the Elders stay with you. I hope it works. Tell Crystal Happy Birthday and that I'll send her a note next week. I love you all.

Elder Bruce Wainwright

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