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Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey Mom, Thanks for the letter and tell LaDawn thanks as well. Every day of our life really is a gift, and I know there are specific things we can learn as well. As I have been re-reading the New Testament, I am noticing that I am learning a lot more. I'm sure there are many reasons, but I think one reason is that I can relate a lot better to the writers and their words mean more to me because of my daily experiences.

As you know, the highlight of my week was hearing from Elder Scott, Elder Rasband and his wife, Elder Powell (Pres. of Eastern Europe Area), and Elder Minasyan (the new seventy from Armenia). On Thursday, Elder Jonas and I did a fireside for the Branch to help them prepare, which went well but was hard to get organized. Then the Georgian Elders came down Friday night since we were meeting with Elder Scott Saturday morning. At the beginning of our meeting, we all shook Elder Scott's and the others' hands. Then, for three hours we got to here from President and Sister Dunn for the last time and then from all of the above visitors finishing off with Elder Scott. There was only about forty or fifty of us in the room. What a humble servant of God. One of the things I liked was his formula he gave about success in answer to a question by Elder King. He said that SUCCESS = [(obedience) (faith in works) (studying) (any other works we have control over)/ fear]. The more fear we have, the less success we have and vice versa. He also added an exponential to the equation of the power of God. As little as we do, if it is all we can, it will be made up by the exponential power of the power of God. That was a pretty cool analogy to hear from a Nuclear Physicist. It was a great experience and he shared many spiritual experiences as well. Elder Rasband talked about the role he played in the bringing of the gospel to the country of Armenia and the miracles he saw. Elder Minasyan was among the first five members converted in 93' by some senior couples working at the concrete factory Jon Huntsman and Elder Rasband set up here after the earthquake. Even the most terrible of things can and are used for our own benefit. It was a great meeting and I know that Elder Scott is Christ's chosen apostle on the earth today in this, the restored church of Jesus Christ.

There were about 650 saints from Armenia and Georgia at our meeting in the Marriot Hotel, which was almost as many members as was our goal. That shows to prove how miracles and things we see don't create faith, though. People could see Christ himself and still not recognize him if they didn't already have a testimony that he was the Savior. It was a nice meeting, though. Three of our investigators made it. Mher, though, said people at his house didn't want him to come, so I don't know what's going to happen. We were pretty sad about that. He is such a good guy. In both of our meetings with Elder Scott, he made sure to take time at the end where he said he was "no longer talking as Elder Scott, but as an apostle of the Lord." He then testified of how he knows that the Savior lives; not because he read about it, or because one of the other apostles has said so, but because he knows Him. We are so blessed to have living apostles who are continuously in contact with the Lord. I know that their job is only possible because of the technology that we have today. Poor Peter and the others who were desperately trying to keep the church in line in all the different areas. This really is the last dispensation.

Well, I hope everything is going well. Like I told Bryce, we're probably going to have some changes this week. I should be in the same branch though. I love Armenia. It's a great place, despite the people that think we're here to tear down the Armenian church. They are such a giving people. I hope they can find some of the many blessings from this life that I have only begun to understand. It really is a great life. I love my Savior and I want to better follow Him and learn of His life. I love you so much, Mom, and our family. My life wouldn't be the same without you. Have a nice week. With much love, Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright

Hi Dad,
Thank you for your letter. I wanted to wish you a Happy Father's day, even though it's a little early. I hope you know how grateful I am to be your son. You have done a wonderful job at being a father, despite the challenges. I have always felt fortunate to have a dad who loves to have fun, as well as work hard. I have so many good memories of family outings and working hard together that not many people get to experience, especially these days. I know I don't fully appreciate all the blessings I have, including the closeness of our family. I know that has come as a result of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that you and Mom are trying to emulate the Savior in your life. Thank you so much for your love and care that you have learned to show through your actions. You have taught me to work hard, to laugh, to take care of the needy, to serve selflessly, to appreciate nature, to always be obedient, and to respect my mother and others, as well as many other things. I'm glad that you're happy right now. I miss you too, Dad. I know that you love me and that you love your Savior. Thank you for your example that I will always have to look up to. I am grateful to be in our family. You are also a wonderful grandfather as well. I hope that you will be provided for with work and with all your wants. I love you so much, Dad. I also love this people that I am able to serve and I love the Savior that they worship. I know that you have some of the traits that our Father in Heaven has, and that he wants us to be happy. Well I have to go. I hope you have a nice week, Dad, and get to do what you want to for Father's Day. Love,Your son Elder Bruce Wainwright
P.S. Yes, it is very green. I love driving through the mountains here with the green grass and trees. As for now it is still quite green and the vegetables and fruits are starting to ripen.

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