Armenian Time

Monday, April 25, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad and family,

I had a very nice Easter. Church was very spiritual for me. During personal study, I read from Jesus the Christ about Christ's death and resurrection, which helped me be prepared to remember Him throughout the day. There were nice talks in church and good lessons. What was most memerable, however, was the Easter fireside we had afterword. Right after church, we all had an easter meal together while we got ready for the fireside. It was a simple fireside, but powerful. We watched the Lamb of God video in Russian and then read portions of The Living Christ with five songs in between by our choir and missionaries. Sister Blunck and the sisters made it all happen. I was honored to conduct it and thoroughly enjoyed it but sort of messed up the last phrase, but it was very nice. The Alaverdi Branch came down to Vanadzor (which is where I have been since right after new years) to participate, so there was plenty of people. Elder Blunck invited the Vanadzor Orchestra director, Rudolf Grigorich, to come and he came. He also tuned our piano, which I found out takes about four hours! And I thought the violin was hard to tune. Speaking of, I don't even get to really use the piano because Elder Crawford and I finally got put together, so I will be going to the other Vanadzor area. He goes home in less than a month and I only have three months! That's crazy. I'm excited to serve with him. I'll miss Elder Peterson and our investigators. Ohan should be baptized soon. His interview is in two weeks. I didn't think he'd make it, but I think he will. Gevorg finally came to church. We haven't seen him for two weeks because of work. He has changed so much as well, I hope he can keep going. We found a cool family who live below our new apartment. They all have diabetes and Arakel, the dad, hasn't left the house in three years, but he got really excited when we started teaching him about Christ. We went over to wish them Happy Easter and he wants us to come back. Our land lady feeds us cake every time we go over. It's so hard to refuse Armenians. You almost have to be rude to say no. Elder Peterson and I are working on how to say no to cake:)
I love you so much. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Bruce Wainwright

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