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Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey Mom,
Gevorg and Ohan are doing well. I wouldn't say there has been a ton of progress since last week, but we are trying to help them to have more spiritual experiences while reading, praying, and at church. That's something that doesn't come easy I've realized. You have to work for it and also know what you are looking for. I think a big focus of the selections from Preach My Gospel that we have been learning is how to help people have spiritual experiences. Davit wasn't able to come to church this week, but he wants to quit smoking and is coming to a lot of our meetings with us. I love his happy personality, despite the hard life he has lived. Or maybe it is partly because of that.
That's sad that Brother Payne passed away. He was a great home teacher and a wonderful man. I miss listening to and playing good music. I wish I could have had my violin here with me. I'm sure it would have been handy. One of the senior couples began learning the violin before he came, so he bought a violin here and tries to play a few minutes every night. I agree that music is a wonderful way to connect to the soul. Tell Christy shnorhavor with her marraige. Or as the Armenians would say: Bari bacht (Good luck!).
Elder Frye and I had a fun week this week. He's doing very good. We had a little companion exchange, and I think that was good for him. Elder Crawford and I have to travel so much! I don't know if there has been a week where we haven't either gone to Gyumri or Yerevan. I love Elder Crawford so much. He's a good example. He has a very fun personality and he is willing to be obedient and to work very hard. He is also a thinker and is always analyzing and trying to do things better. He's not a bad rhymer and rapper as well. I basically have two companions right now, which I kind of like.
We had an interesting experience at Armine's house this week. We are trying to work with her husband, but he drinks a bit and isn't sure what he believes about this life and God. We tried to have a family home evening with them, but he was drunk and it didn't work out. He wanted to dance with us, but we decided we'd better try another time. (That should explain the picture with the man hugging Elder Frye). Suren's a good guy. I hope he can overcome his problems soon. His family wants to help him so bad.
Well, that's all I have to say, except that you are so amazing. Thank you so much for praying for me and doing so much and for having done so much for me. I hope I can better realize how blessed I am. Say hi to all the kids for me. much love,
Elder Bruce Wainwright

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