Armenian Time

Monday, February 28, 2011


Elder Frye and I were finally able to have some good time in our area, and I feel like it did us good. I love Elder Frye and I feel like we are both growing together. He had to go on exchanges with Elder Peterson who is less than a week in country and I feel like it helped them grow. E. Frye's Armenian has grown a lot, even though he still struggles. He's starting to get a flow of progress. It's hard for me to give him opportunities to talk and teach, but it is getting better. He'll usually start off the meeting and say as much as he can, then I'll back him up. We had a good meeting with Kristine at the Blunck's apartment so that she wouldn't be distracted by her daughter. It was very powerful. I don't think she's going to get baptized yet, but she know's what she needs to do to prepare. We kind of need to leave her alone for a little while and that will hopefully help her be prepared to progress soon. There's a lot of reasons, but she just needs to strengthen her faith. We gave Gevorg a baptismal date. That was exciting. It's been a while since anyone has accepted one. Also, Armine's husband asked me to sit down and talk to him while Armine(from the picture) was cutting my companion's hair. We had a good talk. Just a few weeks ago he didn't even want us to come. He's a nice guy, but drinks a lot. His family wants him to be converted so bad. We also started meeting with one of their family friends. We have a lot of work to do and I hope it goes well.

Otherwise, things have been going well. I've only slipped on the ice like seven, eight, or nine times. Elder Frye hasn't fallen so far. I had a pretty good one that reminded me of the Patrick McMannis short story "How to Go Splat." I went to step off the sidewalk and somehow managed to get my feet above my head while pushing off the ground with my hand not holding a Book of Mormon so I wouldn't hit hard. I'm sure it looked quite nice, I just forget to yell something clever like: Geronimo!

This week, Elder Crawford and I decided we need to do companionship exchanges with Gyumri because they've been having a rough time finding new people to meet with. The work, and maybe the branch too, seems to be a little dead and might have some problems, which have been wearing on the missionaries, so we're hoping this will help them. We have some great missionaries here, and I like the new ones a lot.

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