Armenian Time

Friday, February 18, 2011


2-14-11 The work was a little slow this week. We haven't been able to have consistent contact with our investigators. We're working with a woman named Kristine and her aunt that she lives with. Her daughter has some health problems and it is hard for Kristine. She seems to have a hard time trusting God, and her life revolves around her daughter. It can make it hard to teach her. She's a wonderful woman and she knows the church is true, but seems to not be ready to put her trust in God by getting baptized and fully giving up her will for God's. It's hard to know how to help her. We want to help her build her faith, but we can only do so much. I guess it's like what Joseph Smith said about leadership, we have to teach correct principles and let them govern themselves. We haven't been able to meet with Garnik, the taxi driver again, but we gave him the last conference edition so he can read it in his car. He's a nice guy, I hope we can help him. We also had a marshutni driver ( those van-like buses) that invited us to his house. He said he already had a Joseph Smith pamphlet. It might not work out with him, however.

Tell everyone hello. I miss you all and can't wait to sit and talk about good things. I love you so much.

Love,  Elder Bruce Wainwright

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