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Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey Mom,

Thanks for the pictures, thoughts, and updates. It's been a pretty good week for me, but we don't have a lot of investigators to teach right now. One neat guy that we're teaching, however, is Ashot. I might have told you about him with the crutches. He's a very nice and smart guy, but has a hard life. On his crutches he has to climb seven flights of stairs, since there's no lift! He already seems a lot happier and cherishes the things we teach him.

We did exchanges for two days with the zone leaders and I went to the Shengavit area in Yerevan. It was a little more relaxed and seemed less of a big city. Although, there is a store called Yerevan City, that is pretty massive for Armenia. It's about like an average Albertson's. It's funny, though, because even with it being much bigger there was still nothing that you can't get at any other store. So I guess it's like a couple stores combined. I'm going to have such a hard time making decisions when I get home:)

This week was the memorial of the Armenian Genecide. Elder Jonas and I were able to go to the memorial, and it was pretty interesting. There were thousands of Armenians walking up there to put down a flower. We walked about a mile or two actually. And that was about it. There didn't seem to be much feeling behind it for being such a big commotion. It was interesting. Come to think about it, though, that's what their church is kind of like too. They go to the church, buy a candle and burn it, maybe say a prayer and chat a little before they leave. As far as I know there's rarely even any sermons. It's kind of sad how empty it all is, but with their words they are so passionate about their religion. President Dunn mentioned how that is all they have to hang on to. It's a pretty beat up little nation. I respect them a lot, though.

Elder Piercy (one of our Zone Leaders) was talking about building our relationship with God and he said how we need to first get to know his Son, Jesus Christ, which we do by studying his words and works, and then following in His footsteps. That made sense to me and I know that's how we can strengthen our relationship with the Lord. I'm grateful for Elder Jonas' example for me. He is a great missionary and tries very hard to be a good friend. We are enjoying our companionship.

Thanks for all your love and care. I have so little to worry about. Thanks for always taking such good care of me. Elder Jonas and I were thinking about how giving and unselfish mothers are, especially since he was a little sick this week. I hope you learn great things this week.

Your son Elder Wainwright

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