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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hey Mom,

Thank you so much for the letter. I am so glad that we can communicate like this every week. It would be so hard if it was by mail, and I think it would be quite distracting too (always wanting to check the mail). Your letters are wonderful, you don't need to change them. I think why it might be harder for me is just because the work is becoming more a part of me and it's harder to remember or think about other things. That's a good thing I hope. Although, it helps me to be able to talk about what things are happening and to try and write the things I am learning and thinking about. The letters that I receive from you and others help me out as well. It helps me remember the great relationships that we have. Everything here seems more temporal in a way, especially because I never know when I'll leave the area. A good piece of advice that is given in Preach My Gospel is to stay in touch with those that we teach. I hope I can do a good job at that. I know that the relationships we build with others are very important and should be lasting. I wrote a note to Sako the other day and gave it to Elder Larson. I hope he can hang in there. I here that he still hasn't quite smoking from when he started again, and I know that will tear at his testimony if he can't overcome it soon. I'm so grateful for Christ's Gospel, and I know that every question of the soul and of life can be found therein.

Adam did get baptized this week, and it went very well. There was also an amazing blind girl baptized by Elder Jonas for the Queers (the Sisters) and a couple baptized at the same meeting. Our investigator, Anahit, who is an english teacher came, which was so good for both herself and for Adam since none of Adam's family came. Adam looked so good after he got the Holy Ghost on Sunday. He'll be great. He speaks great English and I like his small British accent. He actually already helped voice-over a seminary video into Armenian as well. He makes friends very easy.

This week we had a mission conference, which went very well. They had me translate the opening of the meeting for the few Armenians that come, which was a good experience. I'm for sure not ready to translate for anyone's talks or anything, but that's actually one of the goals that I have. I hope someday I can do a good job at clearly translating information, feelings, and thoughts for others. I am very grateful for the gift of toungues, and I know that it is necessary to have that. There are still so many words and things I have to learn.

Something that I gained from the conference was a strong desire to become a more refined person. President Dunn showed us a talk that he shows to all missionaries going home, since he's leaving in July. It was a talk by Elder Callister to BYU and it was pretty amazing. He talked about what you were talking about with learning. He encouraged us to learn from the best books, to listen to the best of music ( music that listening to it makes us want to be a better person), to use the best of language, and to take care of ourselves; to treat ourselves like sons and daughters of our God. It was a very inspiring talk for me and it helped me remember the potential that I have and that others have. I've been trying to be a better friend to everyone, and it helps me to remember what potential they all have. Every person is great in the eyes of God and I really believe that. Not one soul is more precious than another. It's pretty great that God lets us choose what kind of a person we'll become, though. I hope I can achieve at least some of the potential that God has for me. Elder King is a great example to me of someone who has really tried and is still trying to refine and develop himself.

Something I learned from Elder Jonas this week was to trust in the Spirit, and then I got to try it out. Five minutes before church started President Hunanyan (BP) asked Elder Jonas and I to speak. I didn't know what to say exactly but I just tried to "treasure up the words of life" in my heart so that it could be given to me "in the very moment" and I felt really good about it. Not only is it harder to remember things when stressed, but I also know that God is bound to keep his promises if we do our part. I have had such great companions so far and am learning so much from them.

Thanks for your wonderful letter mom. I'm so glad that you are able to learn in the moment of your trials. That's probably one of the hardest things for us to do in this life. It's too bad it's so easy for us to forget, as Elder Jonas says. I do know that all trials are for our benefit as well as consequences. We really do learn precept by precept, and I hope I can continue to do so.

Could you tell Matt that I love him and am praying for him. I'm sure this is not an easy trial. I do know that all unfair things in life are made fair through the Atonement, though.

Have a great week.

Your son Elder Wainwright

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