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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hey Mom,
How are you doing? It sounds like things are going pretty well. I'm glad you are still learning and growing, that's so great. I am too. It's funny how we learn things and maybe it doesn't stick, or we just forgot and we have to relearn it again. I am so grateful for this life. I hope I can remember this in the hard times, but I know that God loves me and I am so grateful for this life.

Hey, you're in trouble. You never answered me whether or not Emily was actually pregnant, but now I'm assuming she is. That's so wonderful. I'm way excited for them.

Conference was so wonderful. What wise men. I love how each of them has their own individual experiences in order to learn the gospel principles. One of the focuses of conference seemed to be on the family and its eternal and earthly importance. I feel like I learned a lot about that, and it helped me appreciate even more the wonderful family we've been blessed with. I don't even know how blessed I am, because some things are just a part of me. I know that all of our actions make a difference for those around us, even if we don't think they do. Armenians are really quite family centered, even if they could learn some good parenting skills in many cases.

Even though a lot of the conference was talking about helping the rising generation and things, I felt like it applied to this work quite a bit. Our investigators and those we're helping are almost like little kids we we're trying to teach how to make it through life. This week I have prayed for and have felt the blessings of the gift of discernment to know the needs of others. However, I also need to make sure that I not only discern their needs, but also their strengths so that I can praise and encourage. I really want to be better at lifting others and sharing the love of Christ with them.

Every talk was wonderful. I'm so grateful for our loving prophet, President Monson. I like his personality. It helps me know that God also has his own personality, as well as does the beauty of the Earth and the strong feelings I get while developing my own.

I'm so grateful for this chance I have to serve, learn, and grow. I hope that I cherish my trials so that I can learn from them what I need to. I also have so many reasons to trust and have faith in the Lord. That faith can help me overcome any fears that I have.

I hope it's because my heart is being put deeper in the work, but I noticed that it's getting harder to write people. I'm so grateful for all of your letters, though. The tie that we have from our relationships and friendships are very real and important. I know that the love that comes in our families is very special as well. That was pretty neat when someone said that a mother's love for her children is the closest to God's love that we can get. I know you have felt that kind of love, Mom.

Oh yeah, I really liked Elder Scott's talk on Christ's atonement as well. I have been thinking about that a lot lately, and I am going to try and continue learning through making a study plan like he said. I love that there is always more to learn. That gives me hope for the future and makes me want to keep growing through eternity. Elder King is in my district now ( he's an office elder right now). Elder King has really helped me build my desires to learn and grow. I'm glad I get to associate with him again, because I forgot how much I love him and have learned from him.

So Adam passed his interview and the Branch President will baptize him. What great men. I'm way happy for Adam. His life will have so much more purpose.

Well, I love you. Thanks for listening. We didn't get to see the Priesthood Session of conference yet, so I'm excited to learn more and listen to Dad's favorite part. I feel so good right now and never want to lose that feeling. I wish you luck with all of your endeavors and goals. I'll talk to you next week.
Your son Elder Wainwright

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