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Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, my time in Alaverdi has already passed. I am now serving in Vanadzor as a Zone Leader. It's kind of different than normal, though, because I am now finishing the training of Elder Larson's companion while being Zone Leader with Elder Crawford. Elder Larson is now with my companion. I don't know if that even makes sense to you. My companion's name is Elder Frye. He's a great guy. He's struggling a little with the language, but it will come. I only now realized how amazing Elder Kurth was really doing with Armenian. I really didn't have to do much to help him, but now I hope I can help Elder Frye. I also have gone from the newest branch in Armenia to one of the most developed. I'm sure I will be able to love the people here like I was able to in Alaverdi. I really am grateful that God has blessed me to feel love for these people. I'm excited to get into the work here, and I hope Alaverdi continues to go forward. I hope I can learn how to be a good Zone Leader. I still have questions about what a District Leader is supposed to do. Although, I do feel like it is giving me an opportunity to serve others, develop greater love, and to learn (as it says in the white handbook). I feel like I'm growing a lot, and I hope that my feelings prove to be true.

Before I left Alaverdi, we had a great meeting with a 20 year old guy named Hamo who is our investigator. We are amazed by him. He wants to start a business effort in Alaverdi, he walks to church with us, he quit smoking without us asking him to, he is reading from the Book of Mormon and I believe he will be baptized in the near future. He's a nice kid and I hope he can continue being the great man that he is.

Well, Christmas and New Years wasn't the same without you. I hope we can be together next year. I haven't done any college applications for grants, scholarships, or anything. If you, Brandon, Mark, or Crystal have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. I think the deadline for those is Feb 1. Time is flying. Love you all.

Elder Bruce Wainwright

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