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Friday, December 17, 2010


My companion, Elder Kurth, is doing great. He's very smart and will know more words than me in not too long. We're working on helping him communicate his thoughts and feelings. He has a clean heart and wants to be an obedient, good missionary. I think we are going to have a great time together. I love having companions that I feel comfortable with and so far it has seldom been different. The members love him as well. They love him even more that he is struggling to understand them. I'm afraid his struggling is going to be a lot less than mine was.

I felt like the Lord really led us to Vahe and Suzie this week. This week, our leaders clarified to us the rule that we need to have an adult of the opposite sex present at every meeting. I knew we were going to need some special help to be obedient to that rule and still be able to visit everyone we needed to. We decided to have a special fast in order to get some help to find males to meet with at every meeting. That same Sunday, Aleks came to visit Ofik from Gyumri and wanted to come to church. Also, he invited Vahe to come with him. They both participated well in church and both seem interested in learning more. Since they both live ouside of the area, I don't know if we'll see any imediate results, but I know God blessed us and will continue to do so as we strive to be obedient, especially because he knows how bad it is needed here.

That was probably my highlight of the week. Melan and Gago came to church after not coming for two weeks, which is good. I hope they don't give up. We hope to help them strengthen their faith so they can overcome their obstacles.

District meeting went well, I thought. We learned about faith from one of the sisters and then talked about some of the culture and beliefs of Armenians for the new elders. The new elders all three bore testimonies about missionary work, the restoration, and the atonement. It was nice. This week we'll focus on obedience and do some language training. I hope it goes well. The Brethren also want us to incorporate role playing into our studies and training, so I'll be trying to incorporate some of that as well. I think I'll enjoy being district leader.

Well, we have to go get haircuts, bye a shower part, sing with some kids, and hopefully eat out, so I'll talk to you later. Love you so much.

Elder Bruce Allen Wainwright

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