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Monday, September 27, 2010

9-27-10 Weekly Summary

Weekly summary:
This week went by fast, but it was nice. We met a great new investigator, named Artur. Out of curiosity, Artur decided to enter the church and talked to the District President for a little bit about some questions he had. We planned up with him and met twice with him. He's a skinny guy, gray hair, but has two boys who are 10 and 15. He made it to church, even though I only called a half an hour before-hand to remind him, which is a pretty good sign. He said his wife doesn't care for him meeting with us, since she's a devout Armenian Apastolic member, but he doesn't seem to let that disturb him from coming. He's a smart man, and I hope he can use his curiosity to sincerely pray about this. Not much has changed with our other investigators, but they have potential. Something we're focusing on this week is figuring out what has happened with all the priesthood holders in our branch: deceased, moved, ready to come back, or apostate. We've had some pretty good service opportunities this week. Last monday, our relief society president, Mariam, was doing some remodeling and we were able to help Yasha, our Iranian friend, carry up a bunch of sand bags for the wall. My companion and I haven't done any crazy workouts lately, so we were pretty dead afterwards (as in for two days). It's been a while since I've lifted cement bags. It's all good now, and I got some weights from Elder King (he leaves in a month already), so we can be better prepared for next time. We also got to move a piano down three flights of stairs which was an adventure. I love that kind of service. It was a nice week.

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