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Monday, September 20, 2010


Weekly summary...
This week was good, even though we had very few meetings. We have been trying to remake contact with our investigators and clear up with them why exactly we are visiting and what our plan is. That is something Pres. Carter does very well. He makes it very clear both why we are here and exactly what will be required of the person we are teaching. He is a man full of love, both for the Lord and for everyone around him. I'm so glad we get opportunities to work side by side with him. We're trying to work with an investigator that he was able to give a Book of Mormon to. It didn't work out the other day, so he walked with us to grab an ice cream while we talked. He's a great leader.

We had four people come to church yesterday, which has not happened for a while. Ashot, the interesting Hindu/Yoga man came for sacrament. A lady who we met this week and are teaching english to came with her daughter. Also, Alik came for most of the meetings and had no problem participating. It was a nice Sunday. It is so nice to have a full Branch Presidency. The councilors are also the clerk and Branch Mission Leader, but it still works. As I said in Bryce's letter, we're supposed to find a man to fill in Elder Thylin's place as Elder's Quorum President. I really think God will provide us with one soon. We are trying to pray every day to find men who can lead the church here. It's a lot of work, but I can see improvements even in the little time I've been here. I was actually thinking about Zion's Camp lately, and how that was simply one of those necessary adventures that you were talking about in order for those men to grow and earn trust in the Lord, even though they didn't get to fight. 8 or 9 of the men in the camp were called to be apostles and all seventy men in the Quorum of Seventy were part of the camp as well. It's amazing how God works with his imperfect children.

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