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Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey Mom and Dad,
I don't have much time today, sorry, we had to change around our Prep Day. We played basketball with some of the other missionaries this morning in an Armenia vs. America basketball game. It was pretty fun. This funny teacher guy got it all set up, and he was so excited. We even both sang our national anthems before. It was great, but pretty tiring. We don't get a lot of exercise. I'd say we only walk about a mile every day. The Marshutni vans are pretty efficient. Elder Gull hurt his arm a little in the game, which was no good. After that we all ate some pizza together with the sisters and Siranush. It was nice. Siranush is so wonderful. She helps so much with the work here, and has been on many mini-missions. She's such a good example for her family.
In this mission, instead of having three-some companionships, they call natives to be mini-missionaries. Right now Sister Fisher has one for three weeks until the new missionaries come. It's a great experience for the youth here. Poor Sister Fisher is pretty sick, though. She has bronchitis I believe.
It snowed again this morning. I love it so much. It melts pretty fast, though. It's pretty slushy, but it might last a while this time. It does get pretty icy, though, like Bryce was talking about. It's sorta muddy.
We fnally found a bike pump, so we had our first Rocket Class! It was so fun! The sisters' two little investigator boys came, as well as Miran - a funny investigator who has been taking english lessons for ten years. Miran is actually about to be baptized. I can't wait til next week. We only launched one this week. Our pump is actually super weak, it doesn't work that great. A lot of things don't work that great here:)
I'm so grateful for the relationships I have with the missionaries, members, and some of our investigators. Our relationships are so important. When they are good, I am so happy, and when they're not, it can be miserable. We had such a nice chat with Gohar, the Queers' ( "queer" is how you say "sister" in Armenian) maid. She's about fifty and is single. She is having a hard time right now, but she know's that because she has the gospel, everything will be fine. I am so blessed to have always been able to feel the blessings of the Atonement, and to know God's plan for me. The spirit is one of my most prized possessions.
Elder King is going to be an office elder. The AP's have been doing all the computer work, so now they'll be more free to teach. They're great missionaries. Elder King has been our District Leader, so tomorrow I should find out who's coming to replace him. That'll be interesting. I'm ready for a change, though, I think. I have learned a lot from Elder King though, I will miss him. We've had some good times together. He's taught me to be more decisive and self-reliant as well. Every companionship is going to change this time, actually.
I like what you and Crystal said about trying to help people see the real meaning of Christmas. They have it here, but I think it gets kind of skipped over almost. Sister Fisher gave a wonderful talk about that on Sunday. Her family always shared their testimonies on Christmas Eve. I like that. I love our Christmases. People really do change during the month. What did you say you were going to do for a senior couple? I didn't understand. I haven't got my package, yet. It might not make it, which would be sad. You really don't have to send me things, just so you know. I have gotten a few letters, though. Some wonderful ones from Janet, and from Megan Gale as well. I really hope I can share my testimony about Christ with people, though. That's why I wanted to come on this mission. It's really hard, though, especially through the language barrier. It's getting better, though. I feel good about this new companionship, I think it'll help. I've been sort of quiet this week, which is sad. I like talking to people.
Hey, you get to call me pretty soon. You can choose when. Two days within new years. I'll get the number to you next week. It's cheapest if you call. That way you can gather together as well. I like the clock on my blog, that's cool. I would suggest calling me between 8 and 11 in the morning maybe on my new years eve. that'd be about 9 to midnight for you. We can talk for 30 - 45 minutes, so it'll be quick.
Well Merry Christmas every one. I love you all. I hope God continues to bless you. Crystal wrote me a wonderful letter that I'll have to answer later. Thanks so much for all your prayers, I know it helps. Have a wonderful day.
Elder Bruce Wainwright

P.S. you can keep emailing me Bryce's letters. That's probably easiest for me. Thanks for Kendall's letter. Sounds like he's doing well. Wish Matt a Merry Christmas.

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