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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 11-30-09

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm way glad. I was hoping you would. Guess what, we have actually seen "Up." It was way good, I agree. That'd be fun to see.
That's nice you got to see everyone. I'd love to see Matt's speech if I get a chance. That's so wonderful they are praying for us, I know it helps. I feel so blessed.
I'm glad Dad gets to do fun things with Gary, that makes me so happy. We've got such a wonderful family!
Our Thanksgiving was simple, but nice too. Our dinner was actually very interesting, I quite enjoyed it. The sisters wanted to have a "P" day for "Pilgrims." I think sister Fager just wanted to have pickles, though:) So since it was P-day, everything we ate started with a "P," either in Armenian or English. We had pizza (with tons of crazy toppings), peace juice, pickles, pudding, persimmons, and all sorts of "P" things. It was fun, and I was way stuffed, as it should be. While we were eating, we went around and all said what we were thankful for. Some of the things I said were: my wonderful twin brother, a world that is beautiful, relaxing music, friends that help me be better, imagination and creativity, fire and warmth, my mind, all the freedoms from living in America, and then some other silly things. Some of the other things said were: senses of humor, bright colors, sports, good parents, families, and a bunch of things I can't remember. I also said a special prayer to Heavenly Father to thank him for all the wonderful things he's blessed me with. I can't even come close to thanking Him enough, but it helps me recognize how blessed I really am.
Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. Sako's trying to quit smoking again, so we'll have to call him tonight and see how he's doing. He's a great guy. I love his nephew that's staying with him too. Well, I'm off, but I hope everything else is well with you. I agree with Bryce, that Bishops and Branch Presidents have a lot of responsibility that I never realized. I'm so grateful for this church though, and for all the good that can be done. Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? People here are starting to buy little things for their 5 day New Year's feast. That'll be interesting. Well, talk to you later. I love you so much, thanks for everything. I did get that Dear Elder in the mail you sent a while ago. Priority boxes make it pretty well. I also got a nice letter from Janet the other week, and a dear elder from Tasia, so that was nice. See ya later, Love, Elder Bruce Wainwright
Hey Mom,
It's so wonderful how Heavenly Father watches out for us. I really think he knows what he's doing:) It's so wonderful we have the spirit too, I really think we can communicate in a way through our spirits, if you know what I mean.
I've heard there's another couple coming in, I'll have to see if that's the Blaunks. We're really getting a lot here, it's great. The VanDyke couple really want to do a lot for our branch, and I think they will. One thing that I have been surprised by on my mission is how much work it is to keep everything running and functioning. Salvation is not an easy goal, I guess. We really have a good branch though, there's a lot of great people.
I keep forgetting to answer your question about piano. So far, I haven't had to play. I try and practice every once in a while though. We have a pretty self functioning branch and there's at least one pianist. Sister Fager did play once though. She's leaving this Friday, it's crazy. She's a way good missionary.
I've had one haircut here, but I might do my own next time. They have a weird style with a short cut, but longer bangs, and I'm not sure I like it:)
Here's something funny about this week: I told you about our bak, right? Where our water is stored? Every night we have to turn on the heater, so it's hot in the morning. Well, a few times we have forgot to do that, so the water was still cold in the morning. Instead of taking a cold shower, I decided to boil some water and take a sponge bath! It wasn't too bad. We have this little electric water boiler that is way nice for tea and things. It's about three times as fast as boiling water on the stove, so that's nice. It was a good experience. I've been pretty forgetful this week, though, it's not good.
Today we're in Yerevan again, but for the whole day. We get to have a sleepover at Elder White's and Lowe's place, which will be fun. I love Elder Lowe. He was in my MTC group.
Well, I hope everyone is doing all right. I'll talk to you later.

Elder Bruce Wainwright

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