Armenian Time

Monday, July 18, 2011

Final Post

Dear family and friends,

Well, time is up. It's been an amazing and humbling two years. I will be ever indebted to the Lord for all the ways he has blessed me, led me, and taught me. As much as we try and give to God, he always gives us more in return. I'm so grateful for this life that he has blessed me with, and I hope that I can use it in such a way that I will be ready to live in his presence and with all of you. I'm grateful for good examples in this life. They make life a lot easier and strengthen our hope. I'm grateful to have been able to serve the Lord amongst the humble people of Armenia. I have a lot of hope for the people here. I know that happiness and success in life only come from following Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and will show us the way. Any other way leads to misery and captivity. I'm so grateful that we have living prophets who are called of God and will help us find our way in the darkness of these days. God's works are so amazing and I hope I can continue to be a part of that as I stay worthy of the Spirit throughout my life.

I will never forget the people I was able to serve and to serve with. I wish all of you peace and happiness. I'm excited to be back with you, but I will also miss this work. Take care.


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