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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3-15-10 Yerevan

Wow Mom,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. I really appreciate hearing from your testimony, lessons, and experiences from the week. It's like a little mana to keep me going. Our district meetings are like that too. I'm glad that Dad has some work. I prayed that he would. This week I am trying to strengthen my faith in God and make sure my prayers are sincere, as in listening for the promptings of the Spirit as well. I've already started to notice a difference. When Elder Schwietzer from the 70 came, he told us that two things we should gain from this mission is spiritual sanctification and an ability to recognize the promptings of the Spirit. I know that if I do those things that I will be able to continue to serve the Lord for the rest of my life, which is what I really want.

Something that is really hard for me is trying to communitcate that thought with others. People seem to have a hard time believing that is my only motive for being here. I'm not saying that my motives for doing things are always pure, but I know that's why I'm here. I want others to experience the same blessings, knowledge, peace, satisfaction, hope, and joy that I have experienced from this gospel. I know the Savior atoned for me so that I could have an opportunity to become like God. I hope I can help a few people realize those same things.

So my mission has just changed quite a bit again. Wednesday morning the Assistants called me and told me I was going to the Center Area in Yeravan on Thursday morning. It was a quick change, but I already feel comfortable and have almost forgotten about Gyumri. I really loved my time there and the things I learned. Elder Larson and I had a wonderful companionship, and I got to teach some wonderful people. Narine and her Sister-in-law Yerazik both have baptismal dates and should be baptized soon. They're wonderful ladies and I hope the best for them. Yervand's mother should be getting a baptismal date soon too. She is also a wonderful woman and mother. She actually felt like a mother to me as well ( that's a good thing:). The branch there is a way good branch.

I already feel comfortable in Yerevan, even though it is completely different than Gyumri. Not only is the area different, but the people as well. I'm right in the middle of Yerevan and it is a very pretty city. I love the buildings and things. The people are a little harder to talk to here, but it should get better soon. Elder Jonas and I really want to talk not only to a lot of people, but those who God has prepared us to talk to. That's our goal anyway. It can be pretty uncomfortable sometimes, but we're trying.

Elder Jonas is an amazing missionary and a way good guy. We both feel comfortable with each other and are trying to work hard together. We also already teach pretty well together, even though we teach pretty differently.

Well I have to go soon. There are some cool people here that I already love as well. The Branch President, for example, is an amazing man. We also have a sweet 19 year old named Adam that we're teaching. I'm excited for these changes.

Yes, I'm trying to be obedient and bleach my eggs and vegetables. The blossoms just came out, so we should be getting some amazing fruits and vegetables soon. I got here just after the season, so I have only heard about them.

I love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for all you do. Have a great week. Good luck with work and the house. I know God is guiding you.
Your son Elder Wainwright

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